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Bring your individual lighting design to life!

Explore a various selection of high-quality materials to customize your luminaire. From elegant metal to organic textures - you'll find the perfect combination for your personal style with us. Let our variety of materials inspire you and create a light fixture that illuminates your spaces.

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Zapon bronze matt
Zapon bronze matt Art. No.: M78
brushed brass & shiny varnished
brushed brass & shiny varnished Art. No.: MG
impact metal gold leaf
impact metal gold leaf Art. No.: SM
light amber
light amber Art. No.: 106
Smoke topas
Smoke topas Art. No.: 113
light aqua
light aqua Art. No.: 133
Azzur Art. No.: 135
antique bronze
antique bronze Art. No.: M04
copper cloudy lacquered
copper cloudy lacquered Art. No.: M17C
wrought iron bronze
wrought iron bronze Art. No.: M18
brushed gold
brushed gold Art. No.: M19
eloxal bronze
eloxal bronze Art. No.: M23
white patinated
white patinated Art. No.: M24
Raw iron, dark burnished
Raw iron, dark burnished Art. No.: M26
polished nickel
polished nickel Art. No.: M28A
Raw iron with inked 2K-Lack mat  lacquered
Raw iron with inked 2K-Lack mat lacquered Art. No.: M34
Iron burnished sanded dow
Iron burnished sanded dow Art. No.: M36
Brass red cast
Brass red cast Art. No.: M37
hammer blow, wrought iron black, striking metal
hammer blow, wrought iron black, striking metal Art. No.: M42
sanded down aluminum mat lacquered
sanded down aluminum mat lacquered Art. No.: M49
Indian brown metallic matt
Indian brown metallic matt Art. No.: M57
Gold van Gogh
Gold van Gogh Art. No.: M63
brass optics ground
brass optics ground Art. No.: M92
antique brown
antique brown Art. No.: ABR
antique gold brushed
antique gold brushed Art. No.: AGG
Aluminum textured
Aluminum textured Art. No.: AS
copper leaf
copper leaf Art. No.: BCU
gold leaf
gold leaf Art. No.: BG
silver leaf
silver leaf Art. No.: BS
copper burnished
copper burnished Art. No.: CB
brushed copper
brushed copper Art. No.: CG
nickel brushed
nickel brushed Art. No.: CM
chrome glossy
chrome glossy Art. No.: CR
shiny gold
shiny gold Art. No.: GO
pearl gold smooth matt
pearl gold smooth matt Art. No.: GOA
brass burnished
brass burnished Art. No.: MB
brass  burnished light
brass burnished light Art. No.: MB4
brass burnished cloudy
brass burnished cloudy Art. No.: MB9
brass dark antique
brass dark antique Art. No.: MBD
brushed brass matt
brushed brass matt Art. No.: MGM
soft black
soft black Art. No.: SB
silver antique brown
silver antique brown Art. No.: SI
wrought iron black
wrought iron black Art. No.: SSW
brushed wrought iron black
brushed wrought iron black Art. No.: SSG
fine textured black
fine textured black Art. No.: SWF
white fine textured
white fine textured Art. No.: WF
glossy white
glossy white Art. No.: WHG
Chintz print
Chintz print Art. No.: 1370-Print1
Print on foil
Print on foil Art. No.: 1370-Print2
Taupe brown
Taupe brown Art. No.: 3014
Serpentine white
Serpentine white Art. No.: 7216
Serpentine black
Serpentine black Art. No.: 7217
Organoid Almwiesn
Organoid Almwiesn Art. No.: 7628
Organoid  Skeltettblattla
Organoid Skeltettblattla Art. No.: 7629
fur Art. No.: 7744
Alligator brown
Alligator brown Art. No.: 7768
Persia silver
Persia silver Art. No.: 7810
Persia gold
Persia gold Art. No.: 7811
Romul beige
Romul beige Art. No.: 7819
Romul blanco
Romul blanco Art. No.: 7855
Cotonet Pleated
Cotonet Pleated Art. No.: 8096
Organza Dorado
Organza Dorado Art. No.: 8099
Loden Schladming brown
Loden Schladming brown Art. No.: S9800
Jersey print
Jersey print Art. No.: 22000-Print
Mary Art. No.: 0150
Dami white
Dami white Art. No.: 5040
Dami yellow
Dami yellow Art. No.: 5041
Malaga gold
Malaga gold Art. No.: 5042
Mala silver
Mala silver Art. No.: 5043
Monaco silver
Monaco silver Art. No.: 5073
Silky pearl
Silky pearl Art. No.: 5107
Silky olive
Silky olive Art. No.: 5108
Seda blanco
Seda blanco Art. No.: 5109
Seda beige
Seda beige Art. No.: 5110
Seda plata
Seda plata Art. No.: 5111
Seda marron
Seda marron Art. No.: 5112
Seda negro
Seda negro Art. No.: 5113
Chintz matt black B1
Chintz matt black B1 Art. No.: 5114
Chintz mouse grey matt B1
Chintz mouse grey matt B1 Art. No.: 5115
Linen natural white
Linen natural white Art. No.: 5125
Porto Art. No.: 5126
Breeze Pebble
Breeze Pebble Art. No.: 5127
Trento brown grey
Trento brown grey Art. No.: 5128
Linox basico Marron
Linox basico Marron Art. No.: 5129
Svel Lino
Svel Lino Art. No.: 5130
Lino Piedra
Lino Piedra Art. No.: 5131
Madras grey
Madras grey Art. No.: 5132
Madras cream
Madras cream Art. No.: 5133
Canary yellow
Canary yellow Art. No.: 5134
Light sail fabric Jade white
Light sail fabric Jade white Art. No.: S7002
Light sail fabric Jade creme
Light sail fabric Jade creme Art. No.: 7003
Mirror copper
Mirror copper Art. No.: 7249
wrap ribbon white
wrap ribbon white Art. No.: WB-WE
wrap ribbon creme
wrap ribbon creme Art. No.: WB-CR
Organza silver laminated transparently
Organza silver laminated transparently Art. No.: S7401
Organza gold
Organza gold Art. No.: 7402
Organza negro
Organza negro Art. No.: 7403
Linen white
Linen white Art. No.: 7573
Leinen nature
Leinen nature Art. No.: 7639
Royale white
Royale white Art. No.: 7777
Linen natural
Linen natural Art. No.: 7781
Linen herringbone
Linen herringbone Art. No.: 7783
Gable Crema
Gable Crema Art. No.: 7815
Cotonet cenzia
Cotonet cenzia Art. No.: 7821
Cotonet natural
Cotonet natural Art. No.: 7822
Sami taupe
Sami taupe Art. No.: 7861
Crudo white
Crudo white Art. No.: 7901
Rhino II
Rhino II Art. No.: 8052
Osaka cristal beige
Osaka cristal beige Art. No.: 8088
Superchintz B1 cream
Superchintz B1 cream Art. No.: 8094-B1
Linox basico Linen / cotton gray
Linox basico Linen / cotton gray Art. No.: 8095
Turda Art. No.: 8097
Arenal Stoff negro +Antiques Kupfer
Arenal Stoff negro +Antiques Kupfer Art. No.: 8098
Galaxy white
Galaxy white Art. No.: 9960
silk blue
silk blue Art. No.: 9961-558
Honan red
Honan red Art. No.: 9961-511
Perlasik cream
Perlasik cream Art. No.: 0431
Chintz cream
Chintz cream Art. No.: 0830
Chintz white
Chintz white Art. No.: 1370
Hot Spot cream
Hot Spot cream Art. No.: 1371
Hot Spot white
Hot Spot white Art. No.: 1372
Bengale Art. No.: 5055
Chintz metal-grey matt
Chintz metal-grey matt Art. No.: 5116
Chintz dusty beige grey matt
Chintz dusty beige grey matt Art. No.: 5117
Chintz chocolate milk grey matt
Chintz chocolate milk grey matt Art. No.: 5118
Chintz charcoal grey matt
Chintz charcoal grey matt Art. No.: 5119
Chintz Spruce blue matt
Chintz Spruce blue matt Art. No.: 5120
Chintz dusk alpine green matt
Chintz dusk alpine green matt Art. No.: 5121
Chintz Dark cream matt
Chintz Dark cream matt Art. No.: 5122
Chintz off white matt
Chintz off white matt Art. No.: 5123
Chintz ice coffee matt
Chintz ice coffee matt Art. No.: 5124
Metallico silver
Metallico silver Art. No.: 7256A
Ferrara Art. No.: 7269
Chintz sand
Chintz sand Art. No.: 7502
Laminax cream
Laminax cream Art. No.: 7532
gold Shining - not translucent
gold Shining - not translucent Art. No.: 7718
Aspen white
Aspen white Art. No.: 7794
TECE blanco
TECE blanco Art. No.: 7856
Glamour white
Glamour white Art. No.: 7857
Dubai silver
Dubai silver Art. No.: 7868
foil gold
foil gold Art. No.: 7920
foil silver
foil silver Art. No.: 7921
foil taupe matt
foil taupe matt Art. No.: 7922
Pergal Art. No.: 8087
Chintz dark olive green
Chintz dark olive green Art. No.: 40053
textile linen cable grey
textile linen cable grey Art. No.: 0180-RN03
textile cable linen brown
textile cable linen brown Art. No.: 0180-RN04
textile cable black/white
textile cable black/white Art. No.: 0180-SWZZ
textile cable red/ black
textile cable red/ black Art. No.: 0180-RS
textile cable beige
textile cable beige Art. No.: 0180-BE
textile cable silver with a silk effect
textile cable silver with a silk effect Art. No.: 0180-SI64
textile silvercable grey
textile silvercable grey Art. No.: 0180-GR63
textile cable black
textile cable black Art. No.: 0180-SW
textile cable red
textile cable red Art. No.: 0180-R62
textile cable red
textile cable red Art. No.: 0180-RM19
textile cable brown
textile cable brown Art. No.: 0180-B20
textile cable blue
textile cable blue Art. No.: 0180-BL35
textile cable gold
textile cable gold Art. No.: 0180-GO
PVC cable transparent
PVC cable transparent Art. No.: PVC-TR
textile cable cream twisted
textile cable cream twisted Art. No.: 7205-BE15
textile cable twisted light brown/ gold
textile cable twisted light brown/ gold Art. No.: 7205-HB45
textile cable brown twisted
textile cable brown twisted Art. No.: 7205-B20
Lilac Art. No.: 136
green Art. No.: 292
olive Art. No.: 294
light topas
light topas Art. No.: 362
Smoke grey
Smoke grey Art. No.: 384
Smoke blue
Smoke blue Art. No.: 420
Prisma Art. No.: A-9801
gloss opal white acrylic
gloss opal white acrylic Art. No.: A-OP
acrylic opal white mat
acrylic opal white mat Art. No.: A-OPM
Glas Art. No.: G100KF
Glas Art. No.: G100S
Veil white
Veil white Art. No.: G309
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