Dear Customers,

at 2F Leuchten, we take pride not only in bringing light into your homes, but also in shedding light on sustainable practices in the lighting industry. Our philosophy is based on the belief that beauty and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand. Here are some reasons why 2F is on the path towards a better future in sustainability:

1. Energy-efficient LED technology: Our lamps are equipped with the state-of-the-art LED technology, which not only provides excellent lighting but also minimizes energy consumption. By using LEDs, you are actively helping to reduce the CO2 footprint.

2. Resource-friendly materials: Sustainability begins with the selection of materials. At 2F Leuchten, we place great emphasis on using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. This helps minimize the consumption of finite resources.

3. Electric vehicles for distribution: Our commitment to environmental sustainability also extends to our distribution practices. Instead of using conventional vehicles, we opt for electric vehicles. This not only reduces emissions, but also sets an example for a sustainable future.

4. Local production in Austria: We are proud to manufacture our lamps locally in Austria. This not only allows for better quality control, but also supports the local economy and reduces the ecological footprint by minimizing long transportation routes.

5. Durability and repairability: Our products are designed to be durable and have a long lifespan. Additionally, we prioritize the repairability of our lamps to ensure that they do not end up unnecessarily in landfills.

We believe that every small step contributes to a more sustainable future.

With sustainable regards,
Hans Buchegger (CEO, 2F Leuchten)

2F Leuchten

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