A look at our factory

Manufacturing - Handcrafted quality


Our metalworking team are masters of the traditional skills of forging, soldering, punching, bending and welding. The wire frames for lamp shades are also produced in-house to provide the necessary range of options for all kinds of projects. 

Wood processing

Wood is a living material! It requires plenty of patience and experience to process it well. We plane, mill and lathe all known types of softwood and hardwood. We select the ideal means of processing to suit the volume of material to be processed. Ultimately, the right finish is what gives a product the ideal 'finishing touch'.

Hand painting

Our specialists can hand paint products if required for the perfect finish. A comprehensive range of patina finishes, leaf golds and silvers are just some of the options. New surface finishes are often developed working in close cooperation with a customer. In fact, we would be delighted to work with you on the realisation of an absolutely unique project.

Shade production

Shades transform plain light into something cosy and warm. When we produce shades, the carefully selected materials are precision-cut using CNC technology before being mounted on the in-house-manufactured wire frames. The highly skilled ladies of the shade production department are masters of the arts of wrapping, pleating and the traditional sewing techniques required for the production of lighting sail constructions.

Assembly and wiring

Our lamps and lights are assembled and wired by qualified and experienced specialists. Spare parts management can be guaranteed for custom-made models and detailed parts lists and 3D drawings make it possible to service your lights, even after many years have gone by.


A 100% test with a Luminaire Testing Device LPE (1000V test voltage), barcode registration and a specific serial number for every single product guarantee the technical safety of each item. A further means of Quality Assurance pursued at 2F in intensive cooperation with independent test institutes.